Couples Box

$50.00 each
Our Pick

All fruit and vegetables picked will be grown in Australia.

Have your Fruit and Vegetables sorted for the week with the Happy Apple Couples box. Products are subject to change depending on quality and market availability. *A couples box comes with a FREE 2L Green Pastures Milk. Please specify if you'd like Full or Lite Milk *


FRUIT 3 Pink Lady Apples 2 Small Peaches 2 Small Nectarines 4 Bananas 1/4 Watermelon 250g of Australian Grapes 3 Small Avocadoes VEGETABLES 1 Kale 1 Spring Onion 1 Brocilli 2 Cucumbers 1 Brown Onion 3 Potatoes 1 Large Sweet Potato 1 Asparagus 1 Corn 250g Mixed lettuce 3 Carrots 1 Beetroot 1/2 Butternut pumpkin 3 Truss Tomatoes 1 Zucchini 250g of Green Beans

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