Antipasti Platters 1pk

$0.00 per kg
Weekly Happy Apple Specials

Packed with a premium assortment of deli meats, cheese, crackers, dips, olives, fresh items and more. These platters are made to your requirements in store.

Give us a call to discuss your needs on (03) 9370 8426 or 0497772533 and we will be more than happy to help you out with your perfect platter - great for a special occasion, family dinner or an easy way to entertain guests and friends.

Prices discussed as per requirements.

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Hi Everyone!

Just a reminder about our Easter Online Hours over the long weekend...

Good Friday - In store pick up only in Ascot Vale 8am to 5pm*
*Order until 4pm on Thursday
Saturday - Delivery and Pick Up as Normal
Easter Sunday - Closed
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ANZAC Day - In store pick up only in Ascot Vale and Seddon 8am to 5pm*
*Order until 4pm on Thursday

Have a great break and Happy Easter!