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    Pineapples are originally from South America many years ago. They are now grown in Australia in large quantities. Pineapples are very high in manganese and contain reasonable dosages of vitamin B1 and C. It is best to eat fresh pineapple because canned pineapple has about half the vitamin C.

    Pineapples can be eaten fresh. You can also use them in desserts, salads, as a complement to meat dishes and in fruit cocktail. They can be used to marinade and tenderize meat. Pineapple compliments ham and chicken. Savoury dishes that use pineapple include the famous sweet and sour Chinese dishes, ham and pineapple pizza and the good old Australianised hamburger with the lot. It can be used to glaze a leg of ham. When fried, pineapple caramelises beautifully – so try a slice of pineapple on the BBQ.

    It is best to keep pineapples in the fridge. Freshly cut pineapple will keep in your fridge for about 4 days.

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