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    Singles Box

    $35.00 each

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    Our singles box the perfect way for a busy single person to get their weekly fruit and veg. This weeks box will include a selection of: 3 Apples Pink Lady Small 2 Banana Medium 3 Mandarins Afourer 2 Pears Small Packham 2 Oranges Small 1 Kiwifruit 1 Broccoli 200g Snow Peas 1 Capsicum Green 1 Carrots Prepack 1kg 1 Cabbage Green Quarter 2 Tomatoes Truss 1 Kale 2 Onions Brown 1 Onions Red 1 Potatoes baby Kestrel 500g Pack 1 Zucchini 500g Butternut Pumpkin 1 Lettuce Baby Cos Twin EVERY SINGLES BOX RECEIVES FREE 1LIRTRE FULL CREAM MILK *Range is subject to change due to availability at the market

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