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    Entering into winter, we have updated out Couples Box to suit the colder climate needs. Fruit and veggies can be subject to availability from market picks but this is the AUSTRALIAN produce you can expect when ordering a Couples Box 5 Bananas 2 Bosc Pears 4 Mandarins 500g of Red Grapes 1 Avocado 2 Brocillini 1 Cucumber 1 Large Sweet Potato 1 Chat Potato Bag 1 Red onion 2 Brown onions 2 Corn 1 Zucchinni 2 Carrots A Cauliflower Half 1/4 Jap Pumpkin Tomato Medley Mix 2 Carrot Australian Garlic Couples box include a FREE 2L GREEN PASTURES FULL CREAM MILK

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