Couples Box

    $50.00 each

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    Our couples box is an easy way for a busy couple to get their weekly fruit and veg. This weeks couples box includes: 5 Apples Pink Lady Small 4 Banana Medium 5 Nectarines Small Yellow 3 Pears Small Packham 2 Oranges small 2 Small Mangoes 1 Large Strawberry punnet 1 Half Rockmelon 1 Asparagus 1 Broccoli 150g Snow Peas 1 Capsicum Red 2 Carrots Loose Baby Spinach Prepack 3 Tomatoes tasty Spring onion 1 Red Onion 3 Potatoes Desiree 1 Radish bunch 1 Zucchini 1 Iceberg Lettuce 1 Lebanese Cucumbers 1 Sweet Potato EVERY COUPLES BOX RECEIVES FREE 2 LITRE FULL CREAM MILK *Range is subject to change due to availability at the market

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